Segundo Abrahán Sanabria Gómez

Technological progress and regional divergences: evidence for Colombia (1980-2010)

The theory of endogenous growth posited that technological change is endogenous and presents increasing marginal returns in factors, so there is not necessarily convergence between rich and poor countries. Based on this principle and integrating the theoretical approaches evolutionist and structuralist, in this article, using statistical indicators and econometric estimates, it is shown that at regional level, technological progress is positively associated with the industrial and economic development of each region. For this reason, regions of greater economic development attract and concentrate a greater proportion of scientific and technological resources, while regions whose predominant economic activity is agriculture present restrictions to generate, access and productively incorporate technological advances. Consequently, it is concluded that technological progress leads to divergent processes between regions in the long term.

Keywords: technological progress; regional imbalances; economic development

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