Pablo Antonio Cabello Granado, Álvaro Hidalgo Vega

Analysis of hospital efficiency by autonomous community in the National Health System Field

The main objective of this research is to carry out a study of efficiency in CCAA hospitals of NHS (National Health System). This study was performed on the hospitals managed by each regional Health Service with more than 500 beds throughout 2008 activity, with DEA model (Data Envelopment Analysis). We have worked with five different cases and we have identified four groups according to the efficiency indicator. The results show a minimum difference from both an input and an output point of view, with and without superefficiency method. This study has established the position of each CCAA on the efficient frontier, identifying and setting up a ranking of those CCAA that have manage more efficiently its resources by applying best practices.

Keywords: efficiency; data envelopment analysis; health management; benchmarking; hospital activity. 

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