Alfredo J. Mainar-Causapé

Analysis of the Bioeconomy sectors using specific Social Accounting Matrices (BioSAMs): the case of Spain

The biobased economy (Bioeconomy) will be key to achieve sustainable development, and it is essential to analyse the links between the sectors of the bioeconomy and the rest of activities, determining their impact on economic growth. An interesting tool for this analysis is the BioSAMs dataset, social accounting matrices with high disaggregation of bio-economic sectors, for the European Union (EU) 28 Member States. Using these matrices, a linear analysis has been carried out to quantify the capacity of bio-based sectors to contribute to the promotion of economic development, both in Spain and in comparison with the EU.

Keywords: Bioeconomy; Social Accounting Matrices; Spanish Economy, European Union; Multisectoral models

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Mainar-Causapé , A. (2019). Análisis de los sectores de Bioeconomía a través de matrices de contabilidad social específicas (BioSAMs): el caso de España. Investigaciones Regionales - Journal of Regional Research, 45, 273-282.