Jin Su Jeong, David González-Gómez

Web-GIS MC-SDSS verification forming the perception of building arrangements in Extremadura landscapes

People are undertaking various decision problems daily. Spatial and multi-criteria aspects of the studied problem led to develop a multi-criteria spatial decision support system (MC-SDSS) based web. This paper presents a webbased MC-SDSS verification with two-way participation based on the results of a previous work, defining the first phases of a conceptual framework and prototype application. In this work, it aims at examining the suitability of sustainable building arrangements that have occurred in Extremadura rural landscapes. With qualitative two-way content and survey data, the results described radar diagrams reflecting the different perception of public and academic participation groups (G1 to G5). Specifically, G4 expressed more positive responses to building integration while G5 showed the opposite responses. Thus, it is fundamental to help proper land-uses and decision alternatives through accurate and efficient tool, and to be able to apply other destinations.

Keywords: sustainable building integration; two ways participation; MCDA order; perception analysis; participatory DMs

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