Raquel Martínez Buján

Care from a ‘common approach’: challenges, gaps and contradictions

Over the last few years, owing to the privatization of public policy and the deterioration of social services, the framework of what is “common” is becoming an analytical reference used to set up innovative programs in the area of social protection. Although this provision has only recently been dealt with from a “community” perspective in the academic literature, several initiatives based on the clear activation of the closest social ties have started to be applied. This article focuses specifically on care services, the area in which we attempt to examine the common and community aspects as a way to promote public action. The purpose is not to withdraw the “public” element, but rather to give it a “common” meaning, incorporating cooperative ties into its activities. We argue that the combination of “public” and “common” elements could increase the attention of the social services and offer greater flexibility in meeting the demands of personal care assistance.


Keywords: care; welfare; common; community; public

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Martínez Buján, R. (2019). Cuidados con “sentido común”: desafíos, vacíos y contradicciones. Investigaciones Regionales - Journal of Regional Research, 44, 111-124.