Jesús Barreal, Pere Mercadé-Melé, Julio Vena-Oya

Effect of spending and stay on the composition of the international tourist market in EVOO denominations of origin in Andalusia

The seasonality and volatility of the primary sector mean that many regions have seen tourism as a key
activity for developing these areas, mainly in inland Andalusia. In this sense, protected designations of
origin offer a more excellent perception of safety and quality for tourists visiting a site for gastronomic
reasons. Thus, through a Latent Class Model with covariates, this work aims to understand the behavior
of international tourists to help establish a stable tourism offer in these areas that complements their
income by identifying different segments that may be attractive to them. Based on the four segments found
(lonely youngsters, traditional elders, cultural elders and young gourmets) that differ in expenditure and
stay length, a series of recommendations are made based on these identified groups.

Keywords: International tourism; gastronomic tourism; latent class model; protected denominations of origin.

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Barreal, J. ; Mercadé-Melé, P. ; Vena-Oya, J. (2023). Efecto del gasto y la estancia en la composición del mercado de turistas internacionales en las denominaciones de origen de AOVE en Andalucía. Investigaciones Regionales - Journal of Regional Research, 57, 87-109.