Javier Romaní Fernández, Jordi Suriñach Caralt, Esther Vayá Valcarce

Economic effects associated to airport cities. The case of the Josep Tarradellas Airport - Barcelona - El Prat

Airports have become one of the main factors of urban competitiveness, due to their role as communication nodes and also due to their ability to generate economic activity. The literature shows that, in many metropolitan areas, airports are an important pole of economic activity that attracts companies related to airport activity, but also other types of firms due to their accessibility and the lower price of land compared to the city center. This article describes the plan for the creation of an Airport City at Barcelona Airport and estimates the economic effect that its implementation would have on the Catalan and Spanish economy.


Keywords: Airport city; economic impact; airport

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Romaní Fernández, J. ; Suriñach Caralt, J. ; Vayá Valcarce, E. (2023). Efectos económicos asociados a las ciudades aeroportuarias. El caso del aeropuerto Josep Tarradellas – Barcelona – El Prat. Investigaciones Regionales - Journal of Regional Research, 56, 51-68.