Javier Escriba, M.ª José Murgui

BD.EURS (NACE Rev.1) Database

The purpose of this document is to present the European regional database of economic indicators with disaggregated information in six sectors (BD.EURS). This basis is the result of analyzing the quality and consistency of the different statistical sources available on the basic macroeconomic variables —GVA in current and constant prices, employment, gross fixed capital formation and capital stock— for countries and at level NUTS-2. In this first version of the database, only information about 121 regions from nine European countries is presented. These are those regions which provide higher quality and quantity of information for the period 1995-2007. They are: the regions of Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Sweden and Spain. The basic source of information is the regional series of EUROSTAT and also using as a reference the existing information for countries especially in databases, AMECO and EUKLEMS.

Keywords: Macroeconomic data; european NUTS2.

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