Andoni Zulaika Arriaga, Víctor Sánchez Salmerón, Felix Arrieta Frutos

Towards a model of territorial governance for a locally-based inclusive approach: the regional experience of Beterri-Buruntza

In most countries, measures are being implemented to reorganise the institutional structures through which public services are provided. These reforms seek to reconcile the increased pressure on protection systems with their sustainability, but also to improve their efficiency and proximity to citizens. Recently, Gipuzkoa has promoted the revision of the territorial governance model to improve care for people in situations of exclusion and vulnerability. This article looks at the main limitations of the new regional governance model for improving social inclusion, identifying some lessons that can be extended to other territories that carry out similar processes. These should especially include the need for a clear public commitment and leadership, and a commitment to professional figures and structures of a county and/or local nature that coordinate resources and social agents.




Keywords: Governance; social inclusion; integration of services; social services; labour market integration

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Zulaika Arriaga, A. ; Sánchez Salmerón, V. ; Arrieta Frutos, F. (2022). Hacia un modelo de gobernanza territorial para un modelo de inclusión desde lo local: la experiencia comarcal de Beterri-Buruntza. Investigaciones Regionales - Journal of Regional Research, 52, 103-117.