Manuel Expósito-Langa, F. Xavier Molina-Morales y Josep Capó-Vicedo

Influence of the dimensions of the absorptive capacity in the development of new products in a context of industrial district. An empirical study to the case of the Valencian textile

This research reunites some fundamental aspects for firms’ competitiveness: innovation, territory and absorptive capacity. The objective of this research consists of studying how the absorptive capacity influences the innovation process, centering on the context of an industrial district, where the innovation process is affected by specific access, assimilation and knowledge resource exploitation conditions. We have studying the total population of companies that make up the Valencia textile district. We have found the following main conclusions: The externalities that the company receives in the form of knowledge originating from the environment in which it operates along with the necessary abilities, in our case the particular dimensions of the absorptive capacity, benefit the development of innovation in the company.