Bruno Blanco-Varela, María del Carmen Sánchez-Carreira, Paulo Reis Mourão

Educational expectations in Galicia under the influence of territory, score and socio-economic profile

Education is a key element for territorial development. In turn, the territorial dimension influences opportunities. This paper analyses the relevance of the socioeconomic context in Galicia, beyond the family unit. It raises two main question: the relationship between educational aspirations and the academic and socioeconomic profile of the students, and how the territorial variable affects this relationship, through intra and inter educational community analysis. The methodology combines descriptive analysis based on the ANOVA test, with the estimation of an ordinal logistic regression model. The results suggest higher opportunities and training level in the larger areas. In addition, it is found that educational expectations depend on performance and socio-economic index.

Keywords: Educational expectations; socio-economic profile; performance; rural-urban; PISA

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Blanco-Varela, B. ; Sánchez-Carreira, M. ; Reis Mourão, P. (2020). Las aspiraciones educativas en Galicia bajo la influencia del territorio, el rendimiento y el perfil socioeconómico. Investigaciones Regionales - Journal of Regional Research, 47, 135-159.