Eloy Martos Núñez, Alberto E. Martos García

Regional Legends as Intangible Values

The article examines the concept of intangible territorial legend at various scales, from local to regional or national level, and its relationship to the construction of ethnic myths and the emergence of translocal traditions. For this, the methodology of the studies and notions chorographic ecotype and cultural landscape and ethnography of the symbolic light of concepts such as the classic «Temenos» and modern as the «mytho-moteur» territories are reviewed (Abadal). Case studies that show how the Imaginary, interacting with geo-historical factors, the often narrows and perimetrea territory through channels such as the legendary fable and paralitúgicos rites such as processions or pilgrimages apply. The conclusion is that the legends and archetypes of ethnic origin and family traditions that create rewrite identities and can be projected on different fields of politics or recreational life, with equally different profiles.

Keywords: intangibles; region; city; legend; myth

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