Jesús Clemente López, Pedro García Castrillo, María A. González-Álvarez

Mortality and socioeconomic status in early 21st century Spain

This paper analyzes socioeconomic inequalities in mortality in Spain considering geographical and labor market effects on the mortality rate. From the geographical analysis, a distribution obtained that groups provinces into five groups according to their mortality rate and population characteristics. The map presents a concentric model with lower mortality rates in the center of the peninsula, increasing as we move away from it. On the other hand, the results show an inverse relationship between the probability of death and the socioeconomic variables, educational level and occupation, confirming that they reflect two different aspects of human capital. These results indicate the importance of geographical, economic and labor disparities in the mortality rate and the need to consider them when preparing policies, such as policies related to retirement age.

Keywords: Regional Economy; Demography; Health and Mortality; Human Capital and Employment

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Clemente López, J. ; García Castrillo, P. ; González-Álvarez , M. (2019). Mortalidad y estatus socioeconómico en la España de principios del siglo XXI. Investigaciones Regionales - Journal of Regional Research, 45, 227-240.