Vanesa Rodríguez Álvarez, Fernando Rubiera Morollón

An overview of good practices and policies against aging in European union

The aging population in Europe is reaching alarming ratios and is going to continue growing during the next decades. Furthermore, if we pay attention to the aging spatial distribution we observe a concentration of the older population in the peripheral regions. In this context, the development of strategies, policies and good practices becomes necessary in order to reduce the rate of aging of certain places, attracting young population, or adapting the urban or rural environments to the aging improving in this way, the quality of life of old population. This work proposes a panoramic revision of the most important experiences carried out with that objective in several places in the EU, mainly in northern regions of Europe. The reviewed experiences are organized in four groups: i) cities and infrastructures for the older population; ii) policies and good practices to adapt places to old population; iii) policies to attract young population and iv) policies to make more economically dynamic some aged places.

Keywords: ageing; demography; regional development policies; demography policies; European Union

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