Félix Arrieta, Martín Zúñiga, Bakarne Etxeberria

Reorganizing care: Leadership(s) in the construction of local ecosystems in the Historical Territory of Gipuzkoa

The main objective of this article is to analyze the different care ecosystems developed in the Territory of Gipuzkoa, emphasizing the leadership, relationships and distribution of functions that occurs among the different agents that participate in their implementation. The methodology has been eminently qualitative, developed through a total of 12 in-depth semi-directed interviews with professionals from the public sphere (politicians and technicians) and Third Sector entities. The results show that, although the development of care ecosystems is recognized as a succesful political strategy in the territory, and a clear space of social and political consensus, its extension and consolidation may be in question.


Keywords: Ecosistems; care; governance; leadership

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Arrieta, F. ; Zúñiga, M. ; Etxeberria, B. (2024). Reorganizando los cuidados: Liderazgo(s) en la construcción de ecosistemas locales en el Territorio Histórico de Gipuzkoa. Investigaciones Regionales - Journal of Regional Research, , .