María Hierro Franco

The Great Reset. 2021 European Public Investment Outlook

The book “The Great RESET. 2021 European Public Investment Outlook” is an excellent reference for those researchers interested in understanding the unprecedented role attributed to public investment in the European Union (EU) hand in hand with the Next Generation EU Recovery Plan (NGEU), to counteract the effects of the pandemic and, likewise, generate new opportunities linked to a sustainable growth model that promotes economic, social and territorial cohesion. Through this work, the reader will have the opportunity to revise, thanks to the contributions of outstanding international experts, the strategic role played by public investment in the present, and especially in the future. In the words of Professor Olivier Blanchard, “this book is simply essential reading”.

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Hierro Franco , M. (2022). The Great Reset. 2021 European Public Investment Outlook. Investigaciones Regionales - Journal of Regional Research, , 121-122.