M.Carmen Lima ,M.Alejandro Cardenete , G.J.D.Hewings y José Vallés Ferrer

A structural analysis of a regional economy using Social Accounting Matrices:1990-1999

Social accounting matrices (SAM)are an instrument that enlarges the information provided by the input-output analysis.These matrices study the intersectoral relationships of an economy,the behaviour of the consumers,the public sector or the foreign sector,as long as they complete the income flow of rent.In this work, we use the SAM for Andalusia (region southern Spain)1990,1995 and 1999,to conduct a structural analysis of the Andalusian economy by means of the «path analysis » methodology and a multiplier decomposition.With these techniques,we obtain the changes in productive structure and we quantify the influence of sectoral shocks on this regional economy.Finally,we also identify which sectors have most strongly contributed to the regional economic activity in the last decade.

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