Olga de Cos Guerra , Pedro Reques Velasco

Territorial and demographic vulnerability in Spain. The opportunities of the multicriteria method in the definition of spatial patterns.

This paper is focused on the relations between the spatial patterns of territorial and demographic vulnerabilities in Spain. To aim this goal, the study is based on a GIS model of fuzzy logic and multicriteria evaluation, which highlights the spatial gradation of vulnerabilities. The article shows a strategic geodemographic approach, which is addressed at the importance of studying the population, because of the transcendence and implications of the changes experienced by the demo-spatial component at any scale. Furthermore, the study aims a research contribution in the concern that exists in Spain related to the sustainability of certain territories. On the other hand, the article proposes a methodological alternative to analyze the issue of territorial imbalances based not only on the population, but also on the geographical area.

Keywords: Geographic Information Systems, Multicriteria evaluation, Fuzzy logic, Vulnerability

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de Cos Guerra , O. ; Reques Velasco, P. (2019). Vulnerabilidad territorial y demográfica en España. Posibilidades del análisis multicriterio y la lógica difusa para la definición de patrones espaciales. Investigaciones Regionales - Journal of Regional Research, 45, 201-225.