Eloy Gil Cordero, Francisco Javier Rondan Cataluña, Manuel Rey Moreno

Regional analysis of the private label in online shopping

The main objective of this work is to analyze regional consumer behavior when purchasing a private label product online, based on the relationships of the PL with respect to the online PL quota by regions in Spain, assortment of online PLs and purchase online of PLs. In this study, a total of 17,484 online purchases of PL and 92,094 online purchases of manufacturers’ brands were analyzed. With these data, latent class regression models have been developed. The results confirm that the relation between PL purchase amount and the variables total purchase amount, purchase of unbranded products and manufacturers brands in the online channel varies between regions, not having an equal behavior for all online users, even using the same retail environment.

Keywords: Private label; E-commerce; food industry; latent class; regional analysis

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Gil Cordero, E. ; Rondan Cataluña, F. ; Rey Moreno, M. (2021). Análisis regional de la marca distribuidor en compras online. Investigaciones Regionales - Journal of Regional Research, 49, 157-169.