Clara María Karis, María Laura Zulaica

Green spaces as determinants of quality of life in urban and periurban areas: analysis of uses and preferences in an intermediate Argentine city

Latin American cities show accelerated processes of expanding growth with direct consequences on the quality of life of their inhabitants. In this context, the article analyzes the uses of public green spaces and the preferences of the population in an intermediate Argentine city and its periurban area, based on data from a survey conducted among visitors of these spaces. The results indicate that the evaluated aspects are associated with the natural and sociocultural attributes of these spaces and the characteristics of the respondents, highlighting the interaction and differences between objective and subjective variables of quality of life, especially in the urban-rural gradient.


Keywords: Green infrastructure; survey; cultural ecosystem services; case study; periurban area

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Karis, C. ; Zulaica, M. (2024). Los espacios verdes como determinantes de la calidad de vida en áreas urbanas y periurbanas: análisis de usos y preferencias en una ciudad intermedia argentina. Investigaciones Regionales - Journal of Regional Research, , .