Lidia de Castro Romero, Víctor Martín Barroso, Rosa Santero Sánchez

Women and the glass ceiling index: regional differences in Spain through a synthetic indicator

The aim of this article is to propose and build a glass-ceiling index at the regional level in Spain, using as a starting point the glass-ceiling index proposed by The Economist from 2014 onwards which measures the role and influence of women in the workforce across the OECD countries. We propose a synthetic index whose main objective is to serve as a tool to compare the presence of a glass-ceiling and its evolution over time between the different autonomous communities. The index can facilitate the design of specific policies to combat the phenomenon.


Keywords: Glass ceiling; gender equality; empowerment; regions; synthetic index

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de Castro Romero, L. ; Martín Barroso, V. ; Santero Sánchez, R. (2024). Mujeres y techo de cristal: diferencias regionales en España a través de un indicador sintético. Investigaciones Regionales - Journal of Regional Research, 59, 55-80.