Pablo Galaso, Fernando Masi Fadlala, Santiago Picasso, Adrián Rodríguez Miranda, María Belén Servín Belotto

Collaboration networks, support organisations and innovation in Paraguayan clusters

This article examines the role of support organizations (SOs) in promoting innovation and competitiveness
in Paraguayan companies. Six important clusters in the country are analyzed: meat and derivatives, dairy,
ceramics and construction, textiles, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. Collaboration networks are
reconstructed using data from interviews with companies and SOs. Network analysis, econometric
regressions, and qualitative analysis of the interviews are employed. The results reveal how companies access
external resources to enhance their competitiveness and foster innovation through cluster SOs. In the
context of a developing country, cooperation between these organizations in cross-sector and crossterritory
networks is crucial.

Keywords: Industrial clusters; social network analysis; regional development; support organisations; Paraguay

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Galaso, P. ; Masi Fadlala, F. ; Picasso, S. ; Rodríguez Miranda, A. ; Servín Belotto, M. (2023). Organizaciones de apoyo: conectando redes para la innovación empresarial en clústeres de un país en desarrollo. Investigaciones Regionales - Journal of Regional Research, 59, 193-211.