Garza, G.

Labor productivity of services sector in Mexico City, 1960-2003

With the purpose of contributing to the advance of the knowledge on the labor productivity of the Mexican cities, in this paper the following issues are analyzed for the period from 1960 to 2003: a) to compare the changes in the occupational structure of the country with those of the Metropolitan Zone of Mexico City (ZMCM); b) to determine the magnitudes and tendencies of the labor average productivity according to 17 groups of tertiary activities in the ZMCM; c) to identify in which of those groups the ZMCM is specialized. The increasing hegemony of the service sector in the labor structure of Mexico, mainly in the ZMCM, means that the country advances within the denominated Service Revolution, but it is concluded that two negative processes exist that restrain the function of the tertiary sector like engine of the economic development: the high level of informal services and the significant fall of labor productivity in the tertiary activities.

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