Magdalena Ferrán Aranaz, Lorenzo Escot

A methodological approach for regional time series’ graphical analysis: an application to unemployment rates in Spanish provinces

This paper presents a methodology for longitudinal comparative analysis of regional time series. This methodology is integrated by the sheaf of straight lines methodology, proposed by Ferrán (2011), and the multidimensional scaling analysis. The interest of this methodology is that it visualizes the similarities and differences between the dynamics of each of the regions. We present this methodology through an application to the provincial study of unemployment rates in Spain over the period 1991-2018. The results of the analysis confirm the relevance of spatial components in the evolution of the unemployment elasticity over the economic cycle.

Keywords: regional unemployment rate; geographic time series comparison; sheaf of straight lines methodology; multidimensional scaling.

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Ferrán Aranaz, M. ; Escot, L. (2019). Una propuesta metodológica para el análisis gráfico de series temporales regionales: una aplicación a las tasas de paro provinciales en España. Investigaciones Regionales - Journal of Regional Research, 43, 57-81.